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Access 2

Ozone Access XC


AccessXC >> Freedom to ride

Ozone excels in producing kites for ALL of our needs. The confidence building Access range, a kite not just for beginners and intermediate riders, is one that has a home in everyone’s quiver.


The AccessXC is the perfect entry level depower kite. Its forgiving nature and the huge depower range helps you learn whatever sport you are looking for much more easily. It will take it easy on you at the beginning but will still take you wherever you want if you are an advanced rider.

Since their release in ‘06 the range of riders using these has expanded hugely from “free-riders” to race buggiers alike. Who’d have thought that there was an opening for a minimal lift kite on the freeride market? But… weather conditions always pop up where it’s just not wise to be going airborne. And when such conditions hit, reach for an AccessXC!

The smaller sizes are bullet-proof storm munching kites that we all can depend on when the conditions get really gusty. Even if you ride a FrenzyFX or Manta II a small size AccessXC should not be missing in your quiver. It will be useful for teaching your friends to kite and on those days when it’s howling and your kiting mates stay at home you will be ripping it!

The Access XC launches easily, has huge depower, light handling, is easy to land, has rock solid stability and the finest components and safety systems available. Now improved with a new bag and molded chickenloop safety release to offer you unmatched quality and performance in an entry-level kite.

The AccessXC is also sold with the ACCESS XC Harness as an optional extra. This comfortable harness is designed like a rock climbing harness that will not ride up. It is lightweight yet strong and has plenty of padding for the back and the leg straps.

Constructed using the finest Nylon webbing and kite harness buckles it’s the perfect compliment to your Ozone powerkite.

AccessXC 4m

The 4m is ideal for light riders in medium to strong winds. The perfect size for learning, for children, or as a storm kite for experts in super high winds.
Rider weight range from 40kg to 75kg, Wind range depends on rider ability.

AccessXC 6m

This is the ideal high wind kite for experienced riders, its high stability makes it the ultimate storm kite. For beginners this is a good kite to start kiting with.
Rider weight range from 50kg to 90kg, Wind range depends on the rider ability.

AccessXC 8m

The 8m is the perfect kite for learning in moderate wind speeds for a light weight rider.�
Rider weight range from 65+kg, Wind range depends on rider ability

AccessXC 10m

The 10m is the perfect kite for beginner to intermediate riders in light to moderate wind speeds
Rider weight range from 75+kg, Wind range depends on the rider ability

Colour Options


4m², 6m², 8m², 10m²

Package contents

The AccessXC comes ready-to-fly with
or without harness

  • carbon control bar
  • leash-less riding safety system
  • safety leash for non de-power flying mode
  • 4 x 25m SK75 RED Dyneema lines to be easily seen on snow
  • repair kit
  • detailed manual
  • stickers, key-ring
  • innovative carry bag






Download Manual

Download Manual




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Kite buggying and other traction kite activities can be classified as extreme sports. Wind is the only power source and is often very unpredictable. An attitude of caution and respect towards the wind is essential, for the novice just as well as the advanced pilot.











Ozone Haka

Ozone Haka

With its name inspired from the New Zealand War Dance, the Haka is Ozone’s high performance fixed bridle kite designed for huge jumps and full on freestyle action on your buggy or mountainboard.

Ozone Imp Quattro

Ozone Imp Quattro

The Imp Quattro offers the flyer the perfect start into the world of kiting, once kite control has been mastered, the kite will always serve as a perfect beach toy and a start into power kiting for friends and family.

Guides to kiting

From un-packing your kite to getting it up in the air. The guides to kiting will help you understand everything there is to know about kite flying. MORE....



Common advice is to start with a relatively small kite in relatively low wind conditions(e.g. 2 to 3 m² kites in winds of no more than 10 mph) and progress to bigger kites or higher wind conditions as ability improves. MORE....



It is single-seated and has one steerable front wheel and two fixed rear wheels. The driver sits in the seat located in the middle of the vehicle and accelerates and slows down by applying steering manoeuvres in coordination with flying manoeuvres of the kite. MORE....



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