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Ozone Frenzy FX


The Frenzy has always been at the top of its league in the depower kite world, and since its release in ‘03 it has been embraced by kiters the world over as a reliable kite that excels in all kite disciplines. Having so much raw power at your disposal not only makes it far safer than other kites to fly, being able to drop excess power at the tip of a bar, but makes for an amazing freeride and freestyle kite by being able to give you mountains of boost just when you need it. The Frenzy holds a place in the hearts of many kite flyers across the globe, and it’s not hard to see why. 

Frenzy’s don’t just change the way you fly.
They change your life.

Robbys designer notes

I was looking to keep the grunt power, speed up the handling and reduce the bar pressure. The FX has a thinner profile to allow it to fly faster and extend the depower range. The bridals have been minimized by removing the D lines, this helps reduce drag and increases performance and speed. I have worked extensively on the handling resulting in lighter bar pressure and faster turning. The new flying line Y system helps the handling and again reduces drag even further. There is also the addition of the X line which helps reduce the chance to bowtie the kite. The new kite is still a low down grunt kite which produces power just by putting it in the air but it is smoother, faster and lighter to handle.

FrenzyFX 7m

The 7m is ideal for light riders or strong winds. It has fast handling and produces good solid power when you move it. If you can only have one kite and you weigh less than 70kg then this is for you.
Rider weight range from 50kg to 80kg, Wind range 5 to 20 knots.

FrenzyFX 9m

This kite is a dream and a perfect all rounder, ideal for riders that want to do a bit of everything. I like the kite because it is perfect for cruising, jumping or mountain climbing.
Rider weight range from 60kg to 90kg, Wind range 5 to 20 knots.

FrenzyFX 11m

The 11m is a power house and will pull almost anything. If you like to jump and fly then this is what you might be looking for. For a big kite it handles well and the de-power is excellent.
Rider weight range from 70kg to 100+kg, Wind range from 5 to 20 knots.

FrenzyFX 13m

Very light winds or a heavy rider are needed for this kite. If the 11m was not enough for you we built this! This kite has so much grunt and it pulls like hell from the moment you put it in the air. It is easier to fly than the Manta 15m and is only slightly less powerful which makes it a good option for bigger riders.
Rider weight range from 80+kg, Wind range depends on the rider.




Colour Options


7m², 9m², 11m², 13m²

Package Contents

The Frenzy comes complete and ready-to-fly:

  • carbon control bar,
  • leash-less riding safety system
  • 2x 300kg; 1x 500kg 25m SK75 colour coded Dyneema lines,
  • larger technical mountain pack
  • repair kit
  • detailed manual, stickers, and key-ring





Download Manual

Download Manual






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Kite buggying and other traction kite activities can be classified as extreme sports. Wind is the only power source and is often very unpredictable. An attitude of caution and respect towards the wind is essential, for the novice just as well as the advanced pilot.











Ozone Haka

Ozone Haka

With its name inspired from the New Zealand War Dance, the Haka is Ozone’s high performance fixed bridle kite designed for huge jumps and full on freestyle action on your buggy or mountainboard.

Ozone Imp Quattro

Ozone Imp Quattro

The Imp Quattro offers the flyer the perfect start into the world of kiting, once kite control has been mastered, the kite will always serve as a perfect beach toy and a start into power kiting for friends and family.

Guides to kiting

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Common advice is to start with a relatively small kite in relatively low wind conditions(e.g. 2 to 3 m² kites in winds of no more than 10 mph) and progress to bigger kites or higher wind conditions as ability improves. MORE....



It is single-seated and has one steerable front wheel and two fixed rear wheels. The driver sits in the seat located in the middle of the vehicle and accelerates and slows down by applying steering manoeuvres in coordination with flying manoeuvres of the kite. MORE....



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