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Ozone Manta II


Manta II

The MantaII is without doubt the greatest depower foil you will ever fly. Its stability is amazing for such a high aspect ratio kite. Even in turbulent winds, its performance is breathtaking. Within a couple of sessions you’ll feel “as one” with it and the confidence it will give you is out of this world.

Yes this kite Boosts HIGH and yes this kite has unparalleled hang time. Watching buggiers popping 360 rotations high in the sky or landboarders gliding and kitelooping across huge hills, its easy to see why this kite isn’t a kite to be flown just by gods, but freeriders wanting to push their own envelopes of performance in this radical sport to somewhere they haven’t been before.

But if god does fly kites……………………He surely flies a Manta.

Robbys designer notes

I started working in the beginning of last winter on a new prototype that was radically different from the original Manta. A new 2 pulley speed system, high performance profile, low drag bridle layout, internal diagonals to further reduce line drag and a new swept high aspect ratio plan form. The first size to arrive was the 10m and although it was not perfect in every way it was obviously a very good start. I used the proto 10m every time I went out no matter what the wind conditions. It worked well in the light wind and was good in the strong rough stuff but it did not have enough de-power. I made a couple of protos with different attachment points to try to increase the de-power range and found a very good compromise between handling, stability and de-power.
After I was satisfied that the proto was flying really well I gave the kite to Chasta. It took about one minute before he was higher than I had ever seen him before. He sessioned for about an hour doing double kite loops, mega airs and rotations. He came back to me smiling and not wanting to give me the proto back! We worked together for weeks after that trying different speed systems and trimming until we found what we think to be the best for all the kinds of riding that we do.

The result I am happy to say is a lighter faster handling kite with dynamic pop and amazing de-power. The two pulley speed system reduces bar pressure tremendously and allows the kite to fly faster while retaining stability throughout the wind range. Because the handling is faster it is easy to pop and the high performance profile keeps you up there for a long time. In light wind you have to work the kite to gain speed but once you feel it power up it just keeps pulling progressively. In really light wind I like to pull the trimmer on about 6cm just to help the kite fly faster making it easier to keep in the air. In stronger wind the kite just powers up and is super fun to ride. When Chasta is riding unhooked he likes to pull on about 10cm of trim, this give him optimum power and control for new school freestyle moves.

Unlike the FrenzyXC this kite does not have low down grunt power, you need to create speed to get the power out of this kite which is why it is a high performance kite designed for riders that know how to kite.

Manta II 8m

This is my personal favorite from 15 knots and up. The small size is very fast so it can create a lot of power when you move it which makes it perfect for riding all over the place. Lighter riders will rip on this kite in all winds and heavy riders using it in strong wind will be amazed by the power it produces.
Rider weight range from 50kg to 80kg, Wind range 5 to 20knots.

Manta II 10m

I used to ride the 12m Frenzy07 all the time but last season I rode the 10m MantaII proto and I found that in reality at my weight this is all I need. This is going to be my kite of choice this season. From 5 to 20 knots this kite has everything I want.
Rider weight range from 60kg to 90kg, Wind range 5 to 20 knots.

Manta II 12m

I am sure that Chasta will be using the 12m just about all the time because he can handle the power well. The 12m although bigger retains good handling and is still fast and has really good hang time so it is a good freestyle choice.
Rider weight range from 70kg to 100+kg, Wind range from 5 to 20 knots.

Manta II 15m

This is a big kite for big guys or very big air if you ride like Chasta. For sure it has power even in light winds but because of its size it requires skill to keep it flying in very light winds. In stronger winds it is a flying machine beyond belief! This kite pulls hard.
Rider weight range from 80+kg, Wind range depends on the rider.

Colour Options


8, 10, 12, 15 m²

Package Contents

The Manta2 comes ready-to-fly:

  • carbon control bar
  • leash-less riding safety system
  • 2 x 300kg; 1x 500kg 25m SK75 colour coded Dyneema lines
  • large technical mountain pack
  • repair kit
  • detailed manual
  • stickers, and key-ring







Download Manual

Download Manual


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Kite buggying and other traction kite activities can be classified as extreme sports. Wind is the only power source and is often very unpredictable. An attitude of caution and respect towards the wind is essential, for the novice just as well as the advanced pilot.











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