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Flexifoil Sabre 2

The Sabre2 project has been in constant development since last Spring 2005 to improve on the already successful Sabre.

There have been many new developments in Flexifoil’s kite design technology in the last 18 months which have given Flexifoil the ability to radically change the original Sabre design in many areas.

The entire kite has been redesigned with a new canopy shape, a new planform, a new simplified bridle layout and a completely new integrated bar and safety system.

Landboarders and snowkiters will appreciate these improvements, which aim to give the rider a distinct advantage over the conditions they may encounter.As with the rest of Flexifoil’s line up, Flexifoil have used the expertise of the best land boarders and snowkiters during the development process to ensure beginners and pro riders alike get what they need from the Sabre2.

Taking features found exclusively in Flexifoil’s highly successful kitesurf range Flexifoil have provided the Sabre2 rider with greater performance and safety. Unhooked riding, kiteloops and handle passes are now the main stay of the top riders on tour. The Sabre2 provides enough turn speed and lift to push the boundaries of top riders. A new canopy shape provides more stability and a new 5th line safety system provides total freedom to the back-country enthusiast with the safest depowerable kite on the market to date.

Whether you freeride or freestyle, the Sabre2 will not disappoint.

How the Sabre2 feels

Jumping > The Sabre2 has been designed to lift in light winds with increased pop in low wind conditions. Hooked in or unhooked the Sabre2 provides a longer hangtime with a steadiness you can depend on, enabling you to nail more complex tricks with time to spare. Riders of the Sabre1 requested increased float, so that is what we’ve given you in the Sabre2.

Unhooked > With more and more riders going unhooked for raileys, surface handle passes and kiteloops, Flexifoil listened directly to the requests of their world class team of riders and built in what they needed: increased stability, increased pop, less backstall when powered and an increased turn speed, all when unhooked. This has made for a fantastic new style of kite flying.

Bar Pressure > A light yet firm bar pressure allows a progressive feel of power. There is just enough feedback to let you know exactly what the kite is doing, giving you the freedom to concentrate on your riding.

Stability > The Sabre has always been praised for it’s stability and the 2nd generation continues to deliver. Many of the riders are amazed by how smoothly the Sabre2 reacts to various wind conditions and this gives the riders more confidence to try new tricks. No matter where the kite is in the window, it provides a reliable, solid feedback leaving you free to concentrate on your moves.

Wind Range > The usable wind range of each size of Sabre2 has been increased. This means you can now use one size of kite in more conditions than ever before.

Size Range > The Sabre2 range has now expanded to a 5m, 7m, 9.5m and 12m. The new small-size 5m Sabre2 provides a safe trainer kite for depower newbies, or a controllable high wind kite for experts. The 12m allows maximum use of light winds.

Simplicity > The Sabre2 has evolved into a kite that is easier and simpler to use. Gone is the cross over kit. New internal D-ribs minimise the amount of bridle required and the bridle has become sleeveless like the BladeIV.

Safety > Traditional safety systems on 4-line depower foils have always left some power in the sail after the kite has been released onto the safety, and in extreme conditions this can be uncomfortable for the rider.

Flexifoil has led the way in water safety over the last few years and has now brought the 5th line technology of the water range over to the Sabre2 for use on the land. The rider now has a safety system which kills 100% of the kite’s power instantly when activated. The Sabre2 5th line system spills all the power from the sail and leaves the kite grounded safely, with an easy-to-reconnect system meaning no flying time is lost, allowing you the freedom to take your skills to the next level. Simply the safest system available to date.

Available in: 5.0m, 7.0m, 9.5m, 12m.




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Download Manual




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Kite buggying and other traction kite activities can be classified as extreme sports. Wind is the only power source and is often very unpredictable. An attitude of caution and respect towards the wind is essential, for the novice just as well as the advanced pilot.











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